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ArtWeazel has started a donation pool!
1,439 / 5,000

Pay for YCH Poses here:

Pay here for Commissions:
PWYW Commissions - OPENThese are my new type of commissions as my others are outdated. So yea I've decided to change them to "Pay What You Want" this means you decide on the price that you think my art is worth (however please be reasonable otherwise it will be rejected).
Please send the points via the donation widget as I don't want to wait for the transaction process to clear (write in the donation description "PWYW commission purchase", then comment below with your commission details).
- (Please read carefully)
Bullet; Blue Things I won't draw (scroll down past the prices to see the list) Please respect my limitations.

Bullet; Blue I have the right to turn down commissions if I don't feel comfortable with it/ think it's too hard for me (plea

Sketch commissionsI fancy doing some digital sketches for a change ^-^ if you want one they'll be 500 :points: each (Coloured is 300 :points: extra)
I will post examples when I start working on them (either of my ocs or other people's that are purchased)
Bullet Blue References of Oc will be needed
Bullet Blue These can be plain or coloured if requested but will cost extra 300 :points:
(flat colouring only)
Bullet Blue Please send points first, No refunds
Bullet Blue Do not sell these sketches they are only for the owner of the character and they take a lot of love to draw up (considering I've started working again)

OPEN - CommissionsThese are my new prices for commissions. Now if you want any of these below, please send the points via the donation widget as I don't want to wait for the transaction process to clear (write in the donation description "commission purchase", then comment below with your commission details).
- (Please read carefully)
Bullet; Blue Things I won't draw (scroll down past the prices to see the list) Please respect my limitations.
Bullet; Blue Comment below with the following details:
Character reference(s): (Additional/Alternative Characters included in description)
Character original designer (DA name & bought by your DA name):
Colouring difficulty:
Character Si


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Next set of adopts is going to be a large ish batch (8 in total), What should they be?? 

3 deviants said Mystical
2 deviants said Animal/Kemonomimi (Humanoid with animal features for those who dont know what it is)
2 deviants said Gothic
2 deviants said Pastels
1 deviant said Seasonal
1 deviant said Aquatic
No deviants said Hybrids
No deviants said Elemental
No deviants said Floral
No deviants said Random/ Suggestions by you guys => COMMENT BELOW

Worth a look :)

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 13, 2017, 12:16 PM
kittycatisca has some awesome adopts open as well as commissions, please go and take a look :)

Commissions:  New Commission Prices!
Edit: Ok. So I found out that even with Invoices now, PayPal charges a fee. So PayPal Fee Not Included in these prices. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Comment here or note me if interested!!
Chibi: PayPal Fee Not Included

Sketch - $5/500 :points:
Lineart - $10/1000 :points:
Flat Color - $12/1200 :points:
Shaded - $15/1500 :points:

Halfbody: PayPal Fee Not Included

Sketch - $5/500 :points:
Lineart - $10/1000 :points:
Flat Color - $15/1500 :points:
Shaded - $20/2000 :points:


Adopts:  [Set Price] Flower Paradise: OPEN by kittycatisca [OPEN] Adopt Batch #3: [2/4] by kittycatisca

Another watcher/ close friend of mine is having some trouble getting others to like/sell her art = Kairi-The-Siren , Please go take a look

Commissions: (there are loads of different ones)
Dragonball Z Commission's Only {Open} 5 Slots LeftI decided to do a DBZ only commission so I can get back into DBZ fandom, and I miss drawing my OC's with the Z Warrior's~ Sorry if the prices are too high qwq I really need the points so I can buy my gf some things that are very expensive.

Oh and I can have the right to say no so please don't get bitchy and whiny about it ok? And I wont do any hate art, porn, fetishes ect. 
And I'll pick how I'll draw them, I will probably draw half body, fully or chibi.
  Blinking Chibi Commission'sHi! Kairi here~ I'm thinking of doing a blinking chibi commission with my new style~ Below is the example's and
Blinking Chibi 800-900Points 
Example - 

If you have question's leave a comment in the right featured comment please, or I'll hide it.
  Commission's Open! (4 Slots Left)Hi everyone! I'm doing a commission! I will draw anything but Porn,Fetishes,Killing someone,and Hate art and No rushing me! I will take my time on the commission's I will draw on bases and free hand and you HAVE to pay me first so I can get started on it, I have a right to decline commission's. If you want me to do a couple? I take more time cause I don't want to miss up on any new OC's or canon character's I never drawn before. If it's no trouble when you do commission me or you don't can you spread the word about this journal please? 
Example's of my free hand art: 
Simple Designs will be 30Pink Points
Complex Designs Will be 100-200Pink Points (depends on the design etc. on the OC or canon character)

Example's of my base us
  Pokemon Fusion Custom'sOk as you all already know I did two Pokemon fusion's so far
What I already did -

Those are the fusion's I did Greninja and Darkrai, Gardevoir, Dragonair and little of Shaymin. I did lots more but I only put up one's I really like and how they came out, I might put the one's I don't really connect with for adoption. Let's see what I did with the new ones I haven't finished yet(I just need to color them)
Unfinished Ones -

left to right - Zoarock and Keldeo fusion, Lucario and Zangoose fusion, Gardevoir and Dragonair fusion Kaori Smile Icon I just need to know some things first, so fill out the form below please and the amount it will be depends on the Pokemon you choose really.
Username -
Pokemon 1 -
Pokemon 2 -
Pokemon 3(Optional) -
Gender(put surprise if you can't decide) -
 (Too many to list ^^; = Go check out her page)

OC's Clean Out!!!I wanted to do this again to sale OC's of mine I do not use anymore or feel no connection with anymore, some are free some are cheap some are expensive cause their free-hand or I worked hard on them. It's a First come first serve type of thing, I'll show some OC's I have already on here.
If you don't see any you like go look through my gf's OC Clean Out~ 

{Taken by :Iconsailor-moonflower: } Chibi Alice 100-200Points (you pick which but it has to be between 100-200 only, same goes to the others) 

Rose 120Points 

{Taken by :Iconnikkitatheanimefan: } Mana 30Points 


2 Year DA Anniversary Contest :D

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 26, 2017, 12:51 PM
Macaron Cake with candles 50x50 icon   Blower fella (Party) I've been on DA for 2 years now  Thank You Hearts Sign  I am so grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me through all my ups and downs and helped me become a better artist
To say thanks I am hosting a anniversary contest. The theme for this contest will be to draw any of my characters - all art styles welcome even pixel art/icons/pagedolls (Full list of OCs and adopts ---> Personal Characters) and draw them with something birthday themed (this can be cake, balloons, party hats, banners, streamers, party-poppers, etc; Just have fun with it)

I'm mainly looking for art of these characters (Listed below)
Xyenya Silver Starlight
Macava (Dextroluma)
Lucinda (Lockette - Cinccino)
Liane (FaeBell)
Or Either of my Calystas (Tera & Evetta)
blue fabric border d blue fabric border d blue fabric border d 
light cherry blossoms a Rules light cherry blossoms b  
Blue Arrow BulletAnybody can join!
Blue Arrow BulletDo not trace or use bases
Blue Arrow Bullet Make a journal/poll with a link to this contest in it! It's not the end of the world if you forget about to do this, but I'd rather you complete this step.
Blue Arrow Bullet Please tag me and link back to this journal in your description when you post the entry so that I can see it. If you don't know how to tag people, here's the formats to use (get rid of the underscore = :icon_ArtWeazel: or  ArtWeazel )
Blue Arrow BulletThe more entries, the more prizes to be unlocked below
Blue Arrow BulletYou can submit however many entries you want, but only one can win.
Blue Arrow BulletYou can draw multiple characters. However, write in the description of your entry which character have drawn. Doing this will count towards the effort category. If the rest of the qualities I'm looking for are really strong as well, your chances of succeeding would be higher than say if you only drew one character
Blue Arrow BulletAll entries will be judged on 3 categories = Effort/details, Size (full body, thigh up, bust, pixel, etc), & Extras (if they added a background or other additions to the entry)
Blue Arrow BulletAll entries must be submitted in the correct comment section by
            Deadline = 31st August (My Birthday) :D

blue fabric border d blue fabric border d blue fabric border d 

light cherry blossoms a Prizes light cherry blossoms b  
Tiny Pixel Rose - Black If I receive -10 entries there will be a 1st place only
Tiny Pixel Rose - Black If I receive 10+ entries there will be a 1st & 2nd place
Tiny Pixel Rose - Black If I receive 20+ entries there will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place

Less than 5 entries = Sketch (Example) ---> Art Trade (plain sketches) for BunniiCakes by ArtWeazel
5-10 entries = Coloured Sketch (Example) --->  Art Trade (coloured sketches) for BunniiCakes by ArtWeazel
10-15 entries = Chibi (Examples) --->  Lunathyst - AT for Character (chibis) = Medi-Borg by ArtWeazel Lunathyst - AT for Character (chibis) = Dextro by ArtWeazel
15-20 entries = Bust (Example) --->  Earth Calysta - Tera (profile pic) by ArtWeazel
20-25 entries = Thigh-up (Examples) ---> EmiKiwi Commission 6 by ArtWeazel EmiKiwi Commission 3 by ArtWeazel
25-30 entries = Full body (excluding background) ---> Pirate Lockette for Lolliwusel by ArtWeazel
30+ entries = Full body (including background) --->  Birthday Gift - Dextro Iluka for Lolliwusel by ArtWeazel

blue fabric border d blue fabric border d blue fabric border d
  Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink  GOOD LUCK TO ALL  Pixel Rose Bullet - Pink 

If possible I would be extremely grateful if someone could gift me a core membership or donate some point to purchase one as I am in desperate need of sorting out my profile directory and rearrange a few things that were on my profile in the customs boxes. So this would make me very happy ^-^

:new: THANK YOU :iconinukibi: for the core membership :glomp: 


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